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R Stone offers traditional stone veneer and thin cut stone to bring the character and charm of stone into any environment – indoors or outdoors. Both are equally exquisite, natural and durable. Available in an assortment of colors, shapes and styles, you can blend colors or add mortar to design the look you’re after – traditional, rustic, chic or modern.

The difference between veneer and thin stone lies in the thickness (as the name implies) and weight of the stone. While stone veneer is typically cut 4” to 6” thick, the profile of thin stone measures just ¾” to 1 ¼” and is cut from the full thickness veneer.  Our thin stone corners are cut to easily wrap the corners of the surface you are covering to create the appearance of 4” veneer.

If space or weight restrictions prevent the use of "heavy" stone, then specify thin stone. Thin stone mixes affordability with flexibility. Not only is thin stone lighter and less expensive to ship than other types of stone,  it’s also easier and faster to install with no footing requirements. This reduces labor costs, making thin stone a more affordable option. 

You can add either traditional veneer or thin stone to a home in a number of ways including interior walls, fireplaces and exterior walls. Full thickness veneer matches thin stone perfectly but will require a concrete footing to support the weight. Thin stone can be installed over existing brick, stucco, or concrete structures with very little modification. Thick or thin – R Stone has you covered!           

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